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Yeats Was Right: The Worst are Full of Passionate Intensity

As the 40th anniversary of the divisive 1984 UK miners’ strike approaches, this post explores the passionate but vanishing working class solidarity that defined the dispute, contrasting it with the current decaying state of British politics.

9th National Ceasefire Now march, to Israeli Embassy London 17th February 2024.

Ghosts of Thatcherism

The UK government’s attack on dissent and protest rights echoes a long history of state suppression, revealing a deep fear of the power of a mobilised working class.

The Migrant and Refugee Policy Crisis Series

In these three articles, I explore the UK government’s relentless commitment to harsher measures against migrants and refugees, perpetuating harmful myths about them and reinforcing anti-immigrant sentiment.

Tory crackdown on migrants denounced by human rights groups and charities, amid warnings of creeping fascism and global police state

Charities working with refugees and human rights experts have denounced the UK’s illegal migration bill, as concerns mount about the rise of creeping fascism and a global police state. As warnings from the writings of Neil Faulkner, Phil Hearse, and William I. Robinson become more urgent than ever, it’s clear that doing nothing is not an option. It’s time to take action and stand up for the most vulnerable members of society.