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Fractured by the Feed painting

Hyperreal Hijacking

Behind the convenient façade of connectivity, online life fractures shared meaning and hijacks lived experience into a hyperreal dataspace optimised for extraction, prediction, and control. Fragmented perspectives oscillate desperately between terminals struggling to capture scarce attention now more valuable than ever.

Statue of Karl Marx

Redeeming Marx’s “Jewish Question”?

Karl Marx’s controversial 1844 essay “On the Jewish Question” has sparked heated debate over whether it reflects antisemitism or offers insights into capitalism’s exploitative nature. This essay examines Marx’s inflammatory rhetoric and problematic stereotypes while also considering the enduring relevance of his critique of commodification and alienation.

Tory government continues its attack on civil rights

From silencing dissent to expanding state powers, the Conservative government is pursuing an increasingly authoritarian agenda that should deeply concern all who value human rights and democracy, argues Simon Pearson. Their inflammatory rhetoric and restrictions on protests, speech, and accountability mechanisms reflect a dangerous slide towards illiberalism.

Palestine solidarity march Central London. Image by Steve Eason.

Walking the Tightrope

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has sparked heated debate globally, with some accusing critics of Israel’s actions of being antisemitic. This argues for nuance in understanding the crisis, differentiating between legitimate critiques of state policies and bigotry, and calling for ethical consistency in advocating for human rights on both sides.

Palestine a homeland denied

The Middle East descends into the Abyss

The Middle East now stands on a knife’s edge as cycles of violence threaten to engulf the region in widening conflict. But even amid the drumbeats of war sounded by the powerful, hope persists in the solidarity of ordinary people demanding justice and charting a course away from the abyss.

Against Apologism: Critiquing the Left’s Flirtation with Stalinism

Some on the modern left have engaged in ‘apologism’ for oppressive regimes, whether whitewashing Stalin’s crimes or reflexively supporting authoritarian “anti-imperialist” states. This post argues that defending past and present authoritarianism fundamentally contradicts core progressive principles of liberation, democracy, and human rights.

Chronicles of the Abyss: The Alien Saga and America’s Shadows

In the void, the darkness, the depths of space, and the heart of America, shadows dance. The Alien saga, the nation’s journey, intertwined, parallel, mirroring, reflecting. The struggle, the fight, the survival, the change. The whispers, the warnings, the messages, the screams, the horrors, the nightmares, the dreams. Alien and America, the descent, the rebirth, the redemption, the fire. Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, the visionaries, the leaders, the architects. In the abyss, the chasm, the truth, the lies, the chronicles unfold.

Image that shows in a pop art style the 2003 anti war march in the UK

The Flaws of Capitalist Imperialism: Iraq

The Iraq War was not just a regrettable event but a calamitous blunder that continues to reverberate to this day. In scrutinising the reasons behind the conflict and its lingering effects, I’ve delved into three recent articles covering the legacy of the Iraq war, two in Foreign Affairs and one from The Atlantic. These articles detail the ideological and strategic forces that drove the US and UK towards invasion, leading to catastrophic outcomes that were both unforeseen and brutal. The war’s impact gave rise to widespread displacement, which in turn became a breeding ground for violent extremist groups. The dire consequences of misguided military interventions serve as a harsh reminder that war always comes at a great cost, and that those in power must take heed of the lessons of history.

Person reading a book puts hand up to say stop

Intellectual freedom in peril: American schools under threat from book bans

The recent surge in book bans across American schools is yet another example of the dangerous trends towards censorship and conformity. With Republican Florida Governor (and likely presidential hopeful) Ron DeSantis leading the charge, these efforts to limit access to diverse ideas and perspectives are a troubling sign of the right’s desire to maintain their power over us. As we confront these challenges to intellectual freedom and democratic principles, we must stand together and fight for our right to read and think critically.

Beyond a US-China-Russia Conflict

As the world continues to shift towards a new global order, the competition between the United States, China, and Russia has become increasingly apparent. While some may argue that conflict between these powers is inevitable, others question the effectiveness of Marxist alternatives in a world that is dominated by state capitalism and imperial tendencies. In this article, we will explore the complexities of the US-China-Russia relationship and examine the limitations of Marxist ideology in addressing the challenges of our current political and economic landscape.