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Dystopian global war.

A Critique of “A Global War Regime”

Michael Hardt and Sandro Mezzadra’s article “A Global War Regime” examines the interplay between militarisation and capitalist structures, yet, from a Marxist perspective, it overlooks crucial aspects like class struggle, the state’s role, and the ideological mechanisms underpinning militarisation.

Yeats Was Right: The Worst are Full of Passionate Intensity

As the 40th anniversary of the divisive 1984 UK miners’ strike approaches, this post explores the passionate but vanishing working class solidarity that defined the dispute, contrasting it with the current decaying state of British politics.

Four Just Stop Oil supporters

The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Eco-Socialist Revolutionary

Decades of incremental climate action have utterly failed to spur the urgent systemic transformation needed to address the worsening climate crisis. Therefore, radical eco-socialist change involving confrontational civil disobedience targeting the continued use of fossil fuels may now be the only morally justifiable pathway left to break the stranglehold of capitalism and give humanity a chance at a livable future.