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Cold War Steve sums up the feeling of the nation!

Solidarity with Gary Linker as he stands firm against the fascist menace at home!

“Last night, Mic released his latest Substack. I highly recommend giving it a read, as it sheds light on how journalists from certain (only fit for lining the cat litter tray) newspapers have been reporting the latest attack by the Tories on common decency and (he of the BBC with a voice – may not always be impartial, but he is almost always bloody right…apart from sometimes on Match of the Day) national treasure Gary Lineker, (who is revered by Everton…only if it was for one season…and Leicester fans). The article makes for a sobering read.”

Do yourself a favour and get signed up to his newsletter, you will learn a lot about how the press works and more often doesn’t!

Michael Chessum is bang on with a possible solution for Gary!

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