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Dissonant Symphony

As we journey through the shadows of a world ensnared by the grasp of capitalism, we discover the indomitable spirit of those who yearn for change.
Veiled darkness, the city inhales – dense, suffocating,
Capitalism's vice, relentless, dominating,
A ghostly presence lingers, shadows elongate,
In the souls of the forsaken, rebellion's fire awaits.

Faces etched, hands hardened – revolt awakens,
Beneath inequality's burden, fury amalgamates,
The border between reticence and defiance – shatters,
A discordant harmony of transformation gathers.

Fleeting, flames waltz – ravenous, ascending,
The spark of insurgency, steadily intensifying,
Invisible, inaudible, yet omnipresent,
The voiceless pursue solace, a world benevolent.

In hidden alleys, factories – murmurs endure,
An insistent wave, yearning to secure,
Against the unyielding machine, they press – resolute,
A force to confront, tenacious, absolute.

Hearts' pulsations – synchronised, invigorated,
A united hymn of hope, a mutual dream to be liberated,
In an unchained realm, emancipated from constraint,
Where existence isn't defined by profit's taint.

The lines of conflict etched – a confrontation looms,
A rebellion against the structure they repudiate,
The discordant harmony crescendos – overwhelming,
As the united voice of transformation calls, compelling.

Amidst the turmoil, a vision crystallizes – untainted, luminous,
A pledge of a future, where the unjust is redressed,
Where the multitude is acknowledged, dreams can ascend,
In the subversive harmony, they discover something transcendent.

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