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Embracing the 15-Minute City: A Sustainable and People-Centric Urban Vision

Discover how the innovative 15-minute city concept is transforming urban life, fostering healthier communities and combating climate change, all while debunking far right distortions and misinformation. Dive into a sustainable, people-centric urban vision that promises a brighter future for city dwellers worldwide.

Cities Adopting the 15-Minute Vision

The 15-minute city is an urban planning concept that has been gaining traction worldwide as a sustainable and people-centric solution to modern urban challenges. The idea was first introduced by Professor Carlos Moreno, a French-Colombian scientist and Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute at Sorbonne University in Paris. Moreno’s vision aims to create a city where residents can access work, shopping, education, healthcare, and leisure within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from their homes.

The main goals of the 15-minute city concept are to reduce car dependency, promote healthy and sustainable living, and improve the overall quality of life for city dwellers. By creating a city where daily necessities are easily accessible, residents can enjoy increased physical activity, social interaction, and a stronger sense of community. This approach to urban planning also helps reduce pollution and carbon emissions, contributing to a more environmentally sustainable city.

Several cities around the world are already embracing the 15-minute city concept, including Paris, where Mayor Anne Hidalgo has made it a cornerstone of her urban policy. Other cities, such as Melbourne and Barcelona, have also implemented similar concepts, focusing on walkability and prioritising public spaces for pedestrians and cyclists. In the UK, councils in Ipswich, Bristol, Canterbury, and Sheffield have proposed elements of a 15-minute city, while Oxford aims to become a fully functioning 15-minute city by 2040.

Benefits: Healthier, Sustainable Living

The positive aspects of the 15-minute city concept are undeniable. It offers a solution to modern urban issues such as traffic congestion, air pollution, and social isolation, while fostering healthier and more connected communities. As more cities consider adopting this innovative urban planning approach, it has the potential to significantly improve the lives of urban dwellers, create more resilient and sustainable cities, and usher in a new era of people-centric urban design.

Debunking Far Right Distortions

Despite the numerous benefits of the 15-minute city concept, recent troubling reports have emerged highlighting how far right groups and conspiracy theorists are attempting to distort and weaponize the idea as a form of state control. Carlos Moreno expressed his shock in an interview, stating, “It’s shocking – for me, it is the first time in my life when I was totally targeted by the conspiracy world – communists, Stalinists, neo-fascists.”

It is deeply concerning that yet again some media outlets, such as the Daily Mail, GB News and Spiked seem to be fuelling this hysteria by framing the concept negatively and using derogatory terms to describe those involved. For instance, the Daily Mail refers to climate activists as “eco zealots” and those opposing the 15-minute city concept as “freedom fighters.”

Otto English in his article on Byline Times highlights Spiked, a libertarian website established following the dissolution of Living Marxism, the Revolutionary Communist Party’s publication. Numerous Spiked activists and writers are notorious for their climate change denial and resistance to pandemic lockdown measures. The website has featured articles critiquing the 15-minute city concept, with some of its contributors playing a role in launching anti-authoritarian movements, like the #Together campaign, initially a protest against government-enforced restrictions amid the COVID pandemic. Some individuals linked to Spiked were present at the Oxford rally on February 18th, where conspiracy theories associated with the 15-minute city concept gained momentum.

Exposing Lies: Unleashing 15-Minute City’s Real Promise

As we strive to create a sustainable, people-centric urban future, it’s disheartening to see that the 15-minute city concept has joined the ranks of conspiracy theories, such as new world orders, microchips in COVID inoculations, anti-lockdown, anti-5G network, and even the fanciful tales of the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and Elvis sightings. These unfounded ideas detract from genuine discussions and progress, highlighting the importance of focusing on facts and evidence-based practices in urban planning. The right wing, libertarian press ought to feel a deep sense of shame for irresponsibly peddling such baseless and harmful conspiracy theories, undermining progress toward more sustainable cities and towns.

In response to conspiracy theories and misunderstandings surrounding the 15-minute city concept, Moreno clarified the main objectives, saying, “My fight is how could we improve the quality of life – and to improve the quality of life we need a city without zonification with a lot of local services, with more natural ecology for reducing our CO2 emissions, to have more economical activities, and to develop more social inclusion, culture, education, and public space.”

While conspiracy theories have spread through social media, Moreno remains optimistic about the real-world implementation of 15-minute cities. He said, “Even if this is a noisy movement in the social network, the social network is not the real life. This is very, very, very important. We have a lot of people with Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, but in real life, 15-minute cities are being implemented.”

This sensationalist and divisive narrative only serves to undermine the genuine and positive goals of the 15-minute city concept. It is crucial that we, as a society, remain vigilant against such manipulative tactics and base our understanding of urban planning initiatives on facts and evidence, rather than unfounded conspiracy theories. The 15-minute city offers a vision of a sustainable and people-centric urban future that can improve the lives of millions.

Cities Overcoming Fear mongering and Misinformation

As cities around the world continue to adopt the 15-minute city concept, it is essential to counter the fearmongering and misinformation spread by far right groups and conspiracy theorists. By focusing on the tangible benefits of the concept, such as healthier living, increased social interaction, and a more sustainable environment, city planners and residents alike can overcome these distortions and work towards creating more inclusive and people-centric urban spaces.

By recognising the power of local services, natural ecology, and social inclusion to improve quality of life, the 15-minute city can become a reality for urban dwellers across the globe. Through collaboration, education, and public discourse, we can ensure that the implementation of this innovative approach to urban planning remains rooted in evidence-based practices, rather than succumbing to the influence of unfounded conspiracy theories and divisive narratives.

Embracing the 15-minute city concept, we can unite to build a resilient, thriving, and inclusive urban landscape, where every step forward defies unfounded fears and takes us closer to a brighter, sustainable tomorrow.

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